Babywearing Consults or Open Day?!

Babywearing Consults or Open Day?!

Today I am celebrating 5 months in my studio in Athlone! Its been a fun few months and I have lots more plans.  I just want to take a moment to explain the difference between the Open Days I have every week and a one to one consult.

The open day is a chance to come in and have a chat about slings, cloth nappies, pick up some Amber teething necklaces or chat about the benefits of Organic cotton clothes for babies with skin problems such as eczema. So it is a little bit of everything and because I only have 2 per week I like to try and spend time with everyone who pops in.  It is a lovely informal morning and a chance for you to see what I and are all about!

A one to one sling consult is a dedicated amount of time that I allocate to you. There are a variety of consult types available to you, (see them here). You may be expecting when you come in or you may have your baby, thats entirely up to you. A consult usually takes at least an hour and during this time I show you how to use one or a variety of slings, based around your requirements.  I use weighted dolls to ensure minimum disruption to your baby and this also helps you to learn confidently and safely how to use the sling before you try to carry your baby. In a nut shell I work around you and what you want out of the session and you will leave confident and aware of all health and safety for you and your baby.  I also follow up with detailed instructions and videos after the consult.








Why is there a charge?  There is a charge for a one to one consultation as it is very detailed session as I have outlined above.  I have trained through the Slingababy school of baby wearing and keep my knowledge uptodate at all times.   There is no way I would be able to explain in detail everything above during an Open day session.

Which should I come to?  If you have experience using slings or are confident that you will understand how to use them by all means pop along to an open day, try them on and see what you think but please be aware that during an open day only experienced baby wearers (sling users) can try on slings with their baby otherwise I request that you use weighted dolls as I may not be able to give you undivided attention.

If you have never used a sling or are tempted to try a completely different sling and feel that you would benefit from expert advice in an individual setting then a consult is for you!

For details on both please click here.  If you have any questions or want to have a chat you can email me on or call 086-4191850.  The local Facebook page is HipBaby Athlone Sling Events.