Active Skin Repair Baby Spray


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Pediatrician recommended & clinically proven: the technology used in Active Skin Repair’s baby spray is the same safe and gentle molecule used in hospitals and households worldwide. Safe, natural and non-toxic: active skin repair’s baby spray is natural and non-toxic and also non-sensitizing (aka no sting). It contains no steroids, no synthetic antibiotics, no alcohol, and no harsh or stinging chemicals. A daily solution for skin care: active skin repair’s technology now gives you the ability to maintain healthy skin using the same molecule your body uses internally (hocl, hypochlorous). Safe on baby, tough on germs: active skin repair’s baby spray is medical-grade. This spray is non-toxic and safe to use on sensitive areas, it also helps support the body’s natural healing process. a safe and gentle baby cleanser to help reduce skin irritations and rashes.

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The power of your entire first-aid kit all in one. Active Skin Repair takes the functionality of Neosporin, Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Aloe, After-Itch, Aquaphor, Burn Gel, Balmex etc.and puts its all into just one 3 oz bottle.


The product is natural, non-toxic, antibiotic-free, and non-sensitising (no sting)


+ Supports the body’s natural healing process
+ Relies on the same medical-grade molecule (HOCl) used in hospitals worldwide. + Renders outdated, toxic and bulky wound care products obsolete.



Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, Blisters, Burns, Sunburns, Insect-Bites, Rashes, Chafing, Diaper Rash Athletes Foot & Other Skin Irritations

IS IT SAFE? HOCI is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by our bodies’ white blood cells as a way to promote healing. The re-creation of this molecule results in a clinically proven regenerative technology that helps support the body’s natural healing process. Because HOCI is innate to your immune system, it is safe to use, even near your eyes, ears, and mouth.

HOW DO I KNOW IT’S WORKING? Simply apply and let the molecule go to work. All of these products go through a robust process testing for safety, efficacy, and stability before being released.

IS THERE EVIDENCE? HOCI has been well studied and published in hundreds of peer reviewed medical journals. These products use the same medical-grade formulation used in hospitals.

Shelf-Life: 2 Years


Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Recyclable

• Product Materials: Nontoxic and Vegan

• Production: Carbon neutral and Cruelty-free