Ana Wiz Hands Free Pumping Bra


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Ana Wiz Hands Free Pumping Bra, available in black and nude

  • Hands free pumping- The secure fit of the bra will allow you to dual express hands free, ensuring you to do other things while the pumping bra does the job for itself. Double pumping is made simple, comfortable and more convenient around your busy lifestyle.
  • Easy to use- The bra uses a one-step feeding clip, which are discrete and easy to use, ensuring that the bra is convenient for you to use as a pumping bra, nursing bra, or to use the bra for pumping and nursing at the same time.
  • Size adjustability- Each pumping bra is packaged with an extra bra extender, and fitted with adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring the suitability of the product and a comfortable fit throughout your bodily changes in the breastfeeding journey.
  • Comfortable- This lightweight, soft and wireless bra allows you to be comfortable in the bra all day and use it for nursing or pumping whenever you need to.
  • Easy to care for- This comfortable and reusable pumping bra is machine washable, wear this bra for as long as you need and wash when you are finished with your pumping session.

The Ana Wiz pumping bra provides a solution for busy mums who need to multitask while pumping, leaving both of your hands free and keeping you on top of your to-do list.  Remove the hassle and time constraint of pumping, with this bra serving as time-saving equipment, giving you more free time and providing more milk for your baby as this allows you to pump securely and nurse your baby simultaneously. The discrete feeding clips are easy to use, and designed to deliver a comfortable and convenient solution. The soft and stretchy materials allow you to wear the bra for as long as you need, with the adjustable shoulder straps and bra extender included, ensuring adaptability to any of the natural changes your body goes through throughout breastfeeding. This pumping bra is a must to help your breastfeeding journey be more relaxing with this comfortable, breathable and convenient pumping bra, providing freedom to go about your routine, or giving you relief of the hands free pumping experience. Available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Size Guide: These bras do come up a little small however, we would suggest these sizes:

S- 30/32




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