Axifeed Breast Milk Storage Bottles, 100ml – Multipack (10)


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Narrow necked breast milk storage bottles that can be fitted directly to popular brands of breast pump collection sets. 100% free of bisphenol-a (bpa), bisphenol-a-s (bps), dehp, phthalate, for the safe and simple storage of milk. in regular use in many hospitals, clinics and human milk banks. Practically indestructible under normal use.


  • Supplied internally sterile and sealed, ready to use
  • Extremely robust
  • Perfect for the freezer
  •  Can be screwed directly to breast pump collection sets, or simply pour milk in from your preferred collection bottle.
  • Easy to open, handle, store and stack
  • Clear filling gauge
  • Axifeed bottles are officially single use sterile items but reusable in the home steam steriliser and microwave safe (do not use the microwave to thaw frozen milk).
  • Can also be boiled for 5 minutes or by cold-water methods such as milton.