Ceres Chill, All-You-Need Washbasin Bag


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Have trouble finding a clean space to wash your chiller and breast pump parts while on the go? Ceres Chill have got you covered. With their epic patent-pending foldable washbasin bag, you’ll always have a sanitary way to disinfect your Chiller parts, baby bottles, flanges, and more. All you need is running water! (And even if you don’t have access to potable running water, bottled water will do fine.)


Fill the easy-squeeze soap dispenser with your favorite sanitizing soap, add warm water and a squeeze of soap to the basin, and use the two-piece scrub brush to thoroughly clean your parts in between pump sessions. When you’re done, dry everything with the super-soft microfiber towel, toss all of the pieces back into the bag, and fold it up until the next use.


Made out of durable, water-resistant canvas material, this lined bag can be used over and over and over again. It’s not only great for washing your pump parts, but can also be used to store all of your essentials. All parts are TSA-friendly, including the 3 fl oz soap dispenser bottle. And it’s easy to clean — just toss it in the washing machine by itself on the gentle cycle!

Learn more in the Washbasin Bag Product Guide.


Never worry about dirty bathrooms again!