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Sometimes you just need another of something, so Ceres Chill have made updated  replacement parts available to you at cost, and we have followed suit!

Because Ceres Chill take every opportunity to innovate — materials, manufacturing processes, and design — they’ve recently made changes to the Cup, Cap, and Connector and are offering them as a complete set.

The new design incorporates a few cool changes:

  • The Connector is now compatible with the new Medela Pump In Style and similar new-style Medela pumps to allow for easy double-pumping.
  • The Upper Cup now has a polished window that shows the ounce and milliliter markings more clearly.
  • There are fewer ridges on the inside of the Connector to allow you to more easily capture every last drop of milk.
  • The Upper Cup and Connector can now hold up to 7 ounces when assembled for double-pumping or as a baby bottle.
  • The new Connector design and threading make it grippier and easier for us moms with small hands to unscrew.

For more information you can watch this video here