Lactation Hub, Cherry Shaped Nipple Shield




Cherry Shaped Nipple Shield by LactationHub

First Cherry shaped nipple shield on the market with INCLUSIVE sizing! This nipple shield is especially helpful for babies with latch difficulties caused by dysfunctional or disorganised sucking patterns, tethered oral tissues (tongue-tie), low muscle tone & increase in body tension.

LactationHub Nipple Shields are well sticking and made of thin, skin-friendly and tasteless silicone. They can be sterilised or boiled.


These are sold in singles to allow people to select different sizes as may be required


Three sizes are available, if unsure what size you need check with your Lactation Consultant, Midwive or Public Health Nurse.

Small 16mm

Medium 18mm

Large 21mm


How to use

  1. Prior to first use sterilise the shields.  Prior to every use  inspect for any damage and discard if found,
  2. Place your thumbs on the bottom of the shield,
  3. Turn the shield almost all the way inside out, leaving a small dimple at the end,
  4. Put your nipple into that dimple and then unroll the shield back down your nipple onto your areola
  5. You might find it helpful to apply a small bit of water around the edge of the shield to help it stick to your skin

The base should feel snug around your areola. Your nipple should be deep into the cherry-shaped area without touching against the sides.

Please note this is not a toy and should not be left with baby or children to play with.

Additional information

Lactation Hub Nipple Shields

Small 16mm, Medium 18mm, Large 21mm