LaVie Mom Lactation Massager




The LaVie Lactation Massager brings good vibes to your breastfeeding routine. Prevent clogged ducts, speed up milk letdown and milk flow, and reduce discomfort from engorgement. That way, you can stay focused on your beautiful bond with your baby.

Plus it’s waterproof! (Happy boobs, happy mama, happy baby.)


 Designed for all breasts

  • Multiple vibration modes so you can find what works best for you
  • Waterproof for use in the shower
  • Rechargeable
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Comes with a charging cord and soft storage bag


How it helps

Establishing a good flow is everything as a breastfeeding mom. The original LaVie Lactation Massager works to maintain your flow by giving you:

  • Relief from clogged ducts and engorgement
  • Faster milk letdown
  • Improved milk flow
  • Faster breast emptying
  • Better latching by softening your breast
  • Prevent clogged milk ducts & mastitis


Product Details

5 Easy Ways to Use Your Lactation Massager

  1. Hold the massager with your thumb placed between the buttons and the small tip. Press into the breast, while moving towards the nipple. This technique applies pressure on your milk ducts and moves the milk forward which can help you empty more effectively.
  2. Use the small tip to reach deeper into the breast ducts. This is great for keeping milk flowing and preventing clogs in the breast.
  3. The scooped edge makes it easy to move fluid. Using the scoop edge helps to move hind-milk forward and can also help relieve hardness from engorgement. It’s also great for reaching under the breast.
  4. Place the massager in your bra with the small tip facing down. This can help stimulate let down and improve milk flow. If you are pumping, you can place the narrow tip on the flange to increase the vibration area.
  5. Applying pressure and compression on your breast can help you empty better. Place the massager button side up and rock the sides forward and back.

Experiment with different techniques and positions on the breast to find what is most comfortable and effective for you.


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