Multi-Mam Lanolin


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Multi-Mam Lanolin Nipple care

30 ml
  • Soothes and protects nipples
  • Keeps the skin soft, supple and healthy
  • Helps replace and supplement the natural skin fat
  • Based on highly purified, natural wool fat

Dry or sensitive nipples are common during breastfeeding. Multi-Mam Lanolin replace and supplement the skin fat which is lost through breastfeeding. In this way Multi-Mam Lanolin protects the nipples from drying, cracking and sensitivity. It is not necessary to remove Lanolin before breastfeeding.

Do seek assistance if you continue to experience nipple pain and discomfort. There are a number of voluntary associations in Ireland that provide free of charge assistance and help for breastfeeding families such as Cuidiú, La Leche League Ireland and Friends of Breastfeeding . If you need more specialised support you can reach out to the association of lactation consultants in Ireland  here  to find a register of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who are the gold standard in lactation support.


  • No, it is harmless when swallowed and has a neutral taste and smell. It is especially recommended to apply the lanolin right after breastfeeding – if applied just before feeding, it can make latching on more difficult for your baby.
  • As often as you like. For optimal protection, use Multi-Mam Lanolin at least twice a day.
  • Soften a small amount of Multi-Mam Lanolin between your fingertips and apply to the entire nipple area. It may be helpful to gently knead the tube or warm it in your hands before using.
  • Lanolin is based on purest natural wool fat. Multi-Mam Balm is a plant-based alternative to Lanolin, based on a selection of plant oils.
  • Use a cream that softens and restores the skin tissue, and does not need to be removed before breastfeeding. Multi-Mam Lanolin reinforces and conditions the skin tissue. It is natural, has no taste, and is harmless when swallowed – so it can keep your skin tissue healthy and strong during feeding and throughout the day. You can also try Multi-Mam Compresses for sore nipples.
  • Most nipple injuries result from a poor latch; it is important that the most sensitive part of the nipple tissue is pulled deeply into your baby’s mouth. Using products that diminish the skin’s natural protection, such as soaps and shampoos, can also cause cracked nipples. Finally, yeast infections, eczema, or a tendency for dry skin are potential causes of nipple problems.


Allergies to the ingredients of Multi-Mam Lanolin are very rare. When you have doubts, apply a little bit of Multi-Mam Lanolin on the inside of the forearm. When an itching red spot appears we advise you not to use Multi-Mam Lanolin.