ökoNorm Felt Tip Pen 9+1, 9 Colours + 1 Eraser Pen


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These Felt-tip pens have bright colours and can be used on many surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood etc. They feature water-based inks with a faint odour. The dry-out rate is approx 5 % per month. Felt-tip pens can be recharged by applying 2 drops of lemon juice or vinegar on the color pad. Therefore you must open the back cap with a pliers or dull knife. The specially designed tip cannot slip inside the pen or bend under pressure. Use the eraser-marker to remove the ink of the felt-tip pens from the paper, skin and many other surfaces. The eraser-marker can also be used as secret inks, which only become visible after being painted over with the felt-tip pens.

All ingredients comply with the requirements of Euro Norm EN71, Part 3. The water-based inks contain glycerine, liquid vaseline, and nontoxic color pigments. Euro Norm EN 71/9, American Norm ASTM D 4236.

They are also  vegan, gluten-free, nut free and  lactose free.

ökoNORM is a unique producer of ecologically friendly nawaro products. The abbreviation nawaro comes from German “Nachwachsende Rohstoffe“ that means “renewable raw materials”. Nawaro products are made from sustainable resources, environmentally friendly and absolutely non-toxic. They pay a close attention to thorough control over the quality and environmental impact of their products to guarantee healthy and safe products.

Most of their products have been distinguished as “very good” or “good” by the consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST and have received the “spiel gut”(good toy) certificate.



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