PARENT SET Lactation Aid Supplemental Nursing System Set with 5Fr feeding tube


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LactTube Pediatric Feeding Tube Lactation Aid *PARENT SET*

Set includes:

  • 5FR Feeding Tube (2pc: 1x 15in and 1x30in)
  • 30mL syringe (1pc)
  • 2oz bottle (1pc)
  • Volu-Feed cap

With this set, you will be able to create a system to supplement your baby at the breast, using the bottle and feeding tube or syringe and feeding tube.

This set has been created specifically for Parents. LactTube is a medical grade feeding tube, created with babies in mind and parents in heart. Our Lactation Aid helps parents to supplement their babies without interfering with breastfeeding. Parents can use this feeding tube along with a container for breastmilk or formula such as a bottle or the Oral Syringe that is included in the set. Tube can be inserted in the corner of baby’s mouth or used for finger-feeding. If parent chooses to use the LactTube at the breast, a medical tape can be helpful to keep the tubing in place.

  • 36 inches long
  • Perfect flow speed
  • Can be used up to 2 weeks
  • Medical-grade PVC
  • Sterile individual packaging
  • 1 x 30mL Oral Syringes compatible with LactTube

LactTube will come with detailed use and cleaning instructions as well as instructions on how to feed a baby using a Supplemental Nursing System such as LactTube + Syringe or LactTube + Bottle