Rapid Relief Cooling Hydrogels for Healing Breastfeeding Sore Nipples


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LactationHub Rapid Relief Cooling Hydrogels

Heal, protect, and moisturise!

  • Relieves breastfeeding and pumping nipple pain
  • Protects the skin from irritation and friction
  • Soothes, moisturizes, and supports nipple healing
  • Includes 4 individually wrapped pads

To use Hydrogels

  • Wash your hands, open the sealed hydrogel and remove the plastic backing,
  • Place the pads directly over your nipple, gel side down
  • When you are next breastfeeding, remove the pad gently and carefully and place it on a clean surface.
  • Wash your breast with warm water and dry gently before feeding or pumping
  • When done, reapply the pad as before with clean hands.

One pad can be reused over a 24 hour period, once kept clean and dry between uses. Ideally keep the same pad on each breast to reduce any possible cross contamination. You can store in the fridge for extra cooling effect. In the rare event your hydrogel becomes cloudy or milky dispose of it and use a fresh one.


Hydrogel dressings are a type of wound dressing that is designed to hydrate wounds and to provide an environment in which wound healing can take place. It can be used with dry wounds or in a wound that is mildly oozing. These pads work in two ways, firstly by absorbing drainage from a wound and secondly by hydrating the dry parts of the wound, it also aids in removing the dead cells from a wound.

Hydrogel dressings are a safe, available treatment that provided more effective pain management for nipple soreness than conventional nipple ointments (Dodd and Chalmers 2003).

They provide a cooling and soothing effect on the skin which is helpful for parents with sore nipples during breastfeeding. The hydrogels also create a soft and protective area for sore nipples.

As with any product there are always some safety considerations to be borne in mind. If you have any skin reaction, or your symptom worsen please stop using them and contact your lactation consultant or your healthcare professional. Please use with caution if there is a potential fungal or bacterial infection. While this product will help to reduce symptoms and promote healing, you still need to address the underlying cause of the sore nipples and resolve it. It is a good idea to have a consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant