Spectra Handsfree Shield Cups (Pack of 2)


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  • Effective hands free pumping- The collection cups allow you to pump with your shirt on to let you pump at home or work, and lets you pump and feed your baby simultaneously. A freer pumping experience, perfect for the busy mums lifestyle who need to pump on the go.
  • Compatible with S1/S2, Spectra S9+, Spectra M pumps- The collection cups will be suitable for use with these pumps, and the accessories are completely compatible with Spectra Breast Pump products.
  • 2 in 1 design- Express in the handsfree mode or the tradition bottle/flange mode, either in single or dual expression, you can control the way you pump and where you do it.
  • BPA free- The collection kits are 100% BPA free to ensure piece of mind that no harmful chemicals are near your baby.
  • Reusable & easy to clean- The parts (except tubing) should be sterilised before first use and can be cleaned with detergent after use.


These Spectra handsfree shield cups offer an effective pumping experience. This new pumping style replaces the traditional bottle/flange setup, as the collection cups sit in your bra allowing you to pump discreetly, conveniently and concealed, making these cups perfect for you to use at work or in public where there is no personal space. The collection cups allow you to pump  whenever, and wherever, leaving both of your hands free to multi-task whilst pumping, providing you with a freer pumping experience.

The cups have a 250ml capacity, and once you have finished your pumping session you simply remove the handsfree cup from your bra and pour your expressed breastmilk into you storage or feeding bottle. The cups are of a 2 in 1 design, offering a handsfree mode where you can express into the cups and a standard breast shield mode to express into bottles, ensuring versatility and the ability for you to take control over the way you pump. These Spectra cups are reusable and of a lightweight design making them ideal for everyday use.

The cups are compatible with the S1/S2, Spectra S9+ and the Spectra M pumps and have  full compatibility with Spectra breast pump products. Within your Spectra Handsfree kit you will receive everything you need to start using these cups with your pumps straight away: milk collection cups, breast shields, silicone valves, backflow prevention caps and membranes, tubing, hose tips and bottle connectors.


Each pack contains:

• 2 x Silicone head
• 2 x Air hose
• 2 x Anti-back flow cap
• 2 x Anti-back flow silicone
• 2 x Funnel
• 2 x Valve base
• 2 x Cone
• 2 x Connecter base

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